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1 - Phoenix has a similar skyline, climate, and economy as Tampa
10 - Scenary is just a blur as the train car gains speed
11 - Phoenix riders pay less than two dollars per trip
12 - Phoenix had problems with car accidents in light rail's first year but drivers have gotten more used to the traffic signals in 2010
2 - Light rail has given commuters an alternative to rush-hour traffic
3 - Most of the rail runs along city streets
4 - Rail runs in front of the U.S. Airways Center, home of the Suns (front), and Chase Field, home of the Diamondbacks (rear)
5 - Rail stations are well-lighted at night
6 - The air-conditioned train cars have become especially popular among commuters, students, and cyclists
7 - Passengers wait in the shade mid-day
8 - Property near rail stops have seen a boom of development
9 - As the Tampa referendum proposes to do, Phoenix's transportation initiatives provided an increase in bus routes too

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